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I am sure that the soft moonlight gives us a new view on our lives.  In this little tale it brought two friends together who would not have seen each other in the light of day.   I make a point of going out on a full moon night and look at the world around me with new eyes.


The Frog and the Goldfish

by Suzanne Down

There was once a summer meadow full of flowers.  A big pond was in the meadow, and the pond was surrounded by big cottonwood trees that gave cool soft shade.  In the depths of the pond lived a goldfish, a lonely goldfish who swam all day looking for someone to play with.  In the reeds along the edge of the pond, tucked under the roots of a cottonwood tree, lived a little green frog.  He was a lonely frog who hopped along the edge of the pond looking for someone to play with.

One beautiful summer night, when the moon was full and shining in the pond, the goldfish looked up and saw something big and round and white.  ‘Who could that be?,’  asked the goldfish, and she swam up, swish, swish with her tail, and greeted moon who was shining right on the pond.  Moon smiled back at her and stayed shining on the pond.  Goldfish played with moon, swish, swish went her tail, and blub, blub went bubbles from goldfish’s mouth, tickling moon.  Moon laughed and stayed all through the night.

In the reeds along the pond’s edge, little green frog saw moon shining in the middle of the pond. ‘Who could that be?,’ he wondered.  Frog called out and sang to Moon, ‘ribbit, ribbit, ribbit’, and greeted Moon who shone so beautifully on the pond.  Frog got on his lily pad boat and paddled out to Moon.  He sang and sang to her.  Moon smiled and stayed all through the night.

Through the moonlit water fish saw frog on his lily pad, and heard him singing to Moon.  ‘Who is this’, she wondered? Is this another friend come to play?  Swish, swish her tail went along frog’s feet.  Blub, blub, her bubbles tickled him.  Frog peered into the pond and saw a golden fish going swish, swish with her tail.

In the moonlight, the little green frog and the goldfish swam and played all night.  Friends found at last.  Moon smiled and lit the night pond like day.



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