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Giving and Receiving in Puppet Story

I do believe stories we show visually to young children can help build their healthy social sense.  The children watch and take into their inner lives the actions and archetypal gestures we ensoul the puppets with.

If we want to go deeper we can find stories of Thankfulness, where giving and receiving, a kind of 'Blessing' is a core part of the story.  Children will kindle the beginning of understanding a very profound spiritual activity - Giving and Receiving.  

In an archetypal, universal view, the 'Giving' comes from spirit heights, the 'Receiving' is the taking in to the soul space of something of inner value.  An act of a 'Blessing' occurs.  A giver and receiver weave the experience together in an act of Transformation.

Of course this wisdom is held within us, the puppeteer, and turned into ensouled gesture in the puppets.  This exchange, giving from spirit / receiving into inner life, is so beautiful for the children to see.  I like to look for opportunities in story where I can create this moment.

One moment I love is in Grimm's Sweet Porridge, where the Wise One bestows, gives, blesses, the girl with a magic pot.  The gesture comes from above down to her open receiving arms/hands.  Her soul is also open, accepting the blessing of it. There is a gentle, humble, upward quality to her arms.  

Likewise when the girl takes the pot, a spirtual gift, home to her Mother, even as she places it on the table can mirror the 'giving gesture'.  

This is where we have an opportunity to take the gesture of a moment, and awaken gestures with intention.  This moment opens the viewers heart and soul and it becomes a seed of transformation for all - a Blessing - a taste of the archetype of Giving and Receiving in a deeper way.

Photo of a guardian angel bestowing blessings on the children - found on Pinterest



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