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House Gnomes in Puppetry - and a wee little tale of Pippin the House Gnome

  House Gnomes In Puppetry

House gnomes are some of the helpers of human-kind.  When we establish a relationship of gratitude with the elemental world, we 'lift' them spiritually.  Their wisdom is invaluable for our existence, and we often find them in Old Tales.  When we bring subtle story imaginations for the children, they (the children) will grow up developing an internal knowing of them.  This gives children confidence in their Sense of Place on earth, when this knowing they develop reassures them of spirit helpers from the heavens and from the earth.

In the story below, we can see a kind and generous relationship between a little house gnome, and a family.  The Gnome, through his kindness toward the family, does purposeful work for them. He sweeps the floor this way and that, he rocks the baby's cradle, he has attentiveness to detail, interest in the family, and comes rhythmically, regularly every night, and hurries home every morning.

In puppetry, stories that illustrate real work is wonderful to bring to life through the  gesture and movement  of the puppet(s).  You often will see the children later on in their free play, sweeping the floor, rocking the cradle, etc.  in warm-hearted imitation of the puppet character's work.

    Pippin the House Gnome - a 'paragraph tale'

I was inspired to create this wee little tale from an old German folk Song

Deep in the caverns of the mountains lived a gnome, a happy little friend, who helped with the work of kind hearted folk.  He was Pippin, the house gnome, as was his father, grandfather, and great grandfather had been before him.

Every night when the people slept, he tiptoed in to the home and set to work.  
He tidied each room, 
He washed the dishes,
He cleaned the windows.
And when the baby cried, Pippin rocked the cradle until she slept again.

He swept the house with a broom made of rosemary branches, and when his work was done Pippin took a deep breath.... 'Ah', he would say, 'rosemary is the smell of heaven! Cleanliness should smell that good!'  He liked his people to wake up to the sweet aroma of rosemary!

Then, before the sun rose, he tiptoed out of the house and hurried home, NIX, NAX, NIX, NAX, NOCK,  where he would lay down for a nice sleep, deep in the caverns of his mountain.

When the Father, Mother, and children woke up, they said, 'mmm, it smells so nice in our house every morning.  Thank you dear Pippin they called out!

Pippin felt their thankfulness even in his deep sleep.  xox
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