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Imagine! Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy! A Mini Puppet Boot Camp for Beginners and All Who Would Love to Simplify Early Childhood Puppetry! Coming March 2023!

Friends, I have been dreaming about something I find exciting and wanted to share it with you.  I am hearing from many people asking me to offer more simple, seasonal, puppet making tutorials, and simple, easy to do puppet show videos they can learn from.
So I am creating just that!
I see it as a 3-week full-hearted program where everyone could learn new easy to do, and meaningful skills together.  One where we can share support of one another and share in the joy of creativity for the love we have in storytelling and puppetry for the children in our lives.  It starts with 'puppet basics, and 2 kinds of super simple staging. There will be sharing of photos of our puppet creations, of our delightful, easy to do puppet shows, a sharing of questions, resources, and mutual delight in our creativity as a circle of friends who wish to bring wonderful and purposeful story with puppets that is also manageable in today's very full lives. 'Simple is Beautiful' is our goal.
I call it  'Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy' ! Beginners and Everyone who would like to simplify their puppetry, this is for you!!!
Is this something that resonates with you, that you would love to do together with like-minded folks?  I think everyone would gain a lot of skills with a  program like this.
My vision is a Spring 2023  camp with a 3-week program offering a story project for the spring season of puppet story through tutorials of  easy to make puppets, a small set for our story, and a with video of using those puppets in a simple story presentation that would be easy to do yourselves.  All of us are so very busy, wouldn't it be nice to have something so practical, yet joyful and do-able, that you can then share with the children?
Email me at if this interests you! 
The Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy Mini Boot Camp begins in March 2023 with our  Spring puppet story project of 'Little Brown Bulb ', puppets seen in the photos on this page, with a tutorial for making these sweet puppets, and a demonstration video of a lovely and effortless way to share this puppet story with the children you love. Lots of puppet basics, simple staging ideas, and storytelling tips will be shared. I will also add a tutorial of easy wool dyeing, which is heavenly!
How lovely to then look forward to a fresh puppet story that will build up your puppet collection, your presentation abilities, in a practical, manageable, happy way with a supportive Circle of friends.  Welcome all!  Hurray!  Click Here to sign up.   Mini Boot Camp cost is only $99. !
Email me at with any questions and about the  payment plan options.  
best wishes to you all, love Suzanne