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Mother Earth and the Thaw Fairies - A Sweet 'End of Winter' Tale

We have had so much snow this winter, it has been white white for months, and some days it is breathtakingly beautiful, and some days I sigh, deeply longing for spring.

Who has not wearied of cold, ice, and snow when winter seems stubborn and unwilling to leave.  Then one day, there is a warming of the sun, and the winter thaw begins.  Little rivers flow full and robust again, brave bulbs push up through the melting snow, and everyone’s spirit lifts and renewed energy is found.  Spring now takes the lead.  xox

I like to start telling 'end of winter' stories in February, because even in Snowy Mountain Colorado the snowdrops grow under the abundance of snow we still have.  Telling stories of Spring's coming, and especially using puppets to bring them to life, warms all our hearts.  Here is a story I wrote years ago about this time of year... 


Mother Earth and the Thaw Fairies



There was once a winter that was very frosty and white. Snow lay over the land like a soft and pure blanket.  It made people quiet and kind.  Mother Earth smiled as she walked with King Winter and said, ‘dear King Winter, you have brought peace to the kingdom this season.  The people are content.’ 

King Winter bowed deeply and said, ‘thank you Mother Earth, for you are the wise caretaker of all of the seasons.

But as time went on, winter lingered too long.  The snowdrops had come and gone blooming deep under the snow.  Now the spring bulbs were calling, ‘Mother Earth, Mother Earth, it is time for our birth.  The snow is so deep shall we stay asleep?’

Mother Earth looked out over the white snowy winter world and said, ‘I know just what has to be done.  I will call on Father Sun!’

‘Father Sun, Father Sun, I need your help.  Shoo the winter snow away, bring to Earth a warm Spring day!’

Father Sun heard the call of Mother Earth and looked down at the earth and saw that she was right.  It was past time for spring!  He called to his Thaw Fairies and sang to them.

‘Fairy helpers hear my song,

Winter snow has stayed too long,

Sweep away the cold and white,

Welcome Spring and warm sunlight.’

The thaw fairies flew to the earth where Mother Earth was waiting for them.  With their great sun warmth, the Thaw Fairies started to melt the snow, and Mother Earth swept the winter waters into the rivers, streams, and deep roots of bulbs and trees.

Like magic, green grass started to grow, strong green bulbs grew upwards, and birds started to build their nests.  The happy spring bulbs sang out.

‘Joy and thanks our Mother dear,

We grow and grow for Spring is here!’

When the Thaw Fairies had melted all the ice and snow, Mother Earth made some mint tea and muffins for them and together they sat and ate their snack watching spring unfold.  ‘Thank you for your work dear fairies, your work is done and the world rejoices,’ Mother Earth spoke kindly to the Thaw Fairies.  It is time for you to go home, Father Sun may need you for other work. 

The little fairies hugged the dear Mother Earth, and flew cheerfully out the door, admiring Spring as they went home.

Mother Earth stood at her window watching them go, humming a little tune.

‘Goodbye Winter Good bye, until next year,

For now Spring brings us all great cheer.’


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