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Mother Earth's Children - An Autumn Tale for Young Children

This sweet story of Mother Earth preparing for Autumn has been a favorite autumn puppet play for preschools and kindergartens for many years.  It is especially lovely if the children can save their apple seeds for a while before you show/or tell this story.  They can put them in small baskets, dry milk seed pods or felted seed nests, and be part of the story.  It is also nice to have the teller be a Mother  Earth Rod Puppet!  Of course simply telling the story with heart holds them in wonder too.  I do like to have a basket of yummy apples for all the children to have a nice finish to the story.

Mother Earth's Children

One morning Mother Earth got up and looked out her window.  Something was different!  The trees were covered with golden and red and orange.  Mother Earth went outside to have a better look.  Ohhhh, it was colder!  Then Mother Earth knew.

'Why it's autumn, it's autumn!  Goodness me, I have so much work to do.  The harvesting must be done, and I must make nice warm earth beds for all the seed babies to sleep in through the cold winter.  Oh my, I will go and prepare everything, then send for my children.'

In the garden lived the flower fairies. They did not yet know it was autumn.  They were still happy to play in the garden. They danced and sang and practiced their somersaults in the soft grasses. While they played, one little fairy wandered off quite far. She came upon a cave that was glowing with golden light.  Inside were baskets of shining seeds for Mother Earth.

'Oh, Autumn is here,' said the little fairy and she ran to tell the others.

'Autumn is here,  Autumn is here,' called out the little fairy to her fairy friends.  'Mother Earth needs our help.  Come see, come see, quickly, quickly!'

All the flower fairies went with her to the cave and looked in.  What a wonderful sight, shining golden seeds. 'We must take them to Mother Earth, quickly, Autumn is here, the little fairy told the others. The fairies gently gathered the gifts of seeds and carried them to Mother Earth's home.

Mother Earth was just finishing her work.  The beds for all her children were ready.  Just then, she heard the flower fairies calling to her, Mother Earth, Mother Earth, we have something special for you!  Look, golden seeds that need to sleep.'

"Oh how beautiful they are,' Mother Earth said gently. 'Come little fairies and bring your seeds, put them in my warm mantle, I have earth cradles ready for all.'  Mother Earth showed the fairies where to tuck the seeds in for their long sleep.  'I will watch over them and keep them warm and safe until they awaken with the warm spring sun.  You come too little fairies, find your beds and rest through the winter so deep.

The fairies carefully placed the seeds in their cozy earth cradles, and then they too nestled down in Mother Earth's blanket to sleep.  Outside the air was crisp and clear, and the cold winds began to blow.

Just in time,' said Mother Earth.  She rocked her children to sleep and sang a sweet lullaby.

'Seeds and flowers have gone to sleep,

Loving care I will keep,

To watch over all through winter's night,

Till they will rise to see the Light.'

The seed babies and flower fairies were warm and safe, and very soon they fell fast asleep.  Mother Earth made a cup of tea, sat in her rocking chair and smiled.  All was well.  Outside the first soft flakes of snow began to fall and covered the earth twinkling with the starlight.


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