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Mother Sunrise Poem Story

Mother Sunrise

In the very early morn,
Swirls of gold and orange are born.
They stre8ak across the morning sky
As Mother Sunrise passes by.
In her arms her baby lay,
A joyful child she named 'New Day'.
They greet the lands and trees so tall
With songs of hopes and dreams for all.
So when we wake with wishes bright,
They echo in the sunrise light
Like magic powers to help us do
The deeds that are both right and true.
by suzanne


As spring arrives, no matter when or where, we rejoice.  Warmth returns, days are longer, and there is a feeling of Hope and Goodness.  I have a ritual of watching the sunrise as often as I can, and the spring ones have a special radiance about them.. enjoy this spring sunrise puppet poem with the children!



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