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Old Gnome Through the Year - A Resource Book for Teachers and Parents of Early Childhood

‘Old Gnome Through the Year’

12 Delightful Tales – One For Each Magical Month of the Year
Plus Instructions for Needle Felting a Dear Old Gnome Puppet!!

Old Gnome is a beloved puppet character and will bring the most delightful seasonal stories for your child.  There is something so lovable about him that the children always want more and more of him.  Thus the development of an Early Childhood Resource book ‘Old Gnome Through the Year’.

Enjoy 12 wonderful adventures of the dear fellow, one for each month!
They are written for puppetry, but wonderful just to tell as an oral story.

I find it is a gift for the children to have the consistency of a special character in story throughout each year.  Old Gnome is such a personality, and he becomes a friend to all.  From encounters with Jack Frost, Little Frog-From-The-Log, Midsummer Fairies, Hedgehogs, and more, the genuine kindness and fun of Old Gnome brings heart to all who hear his tales.

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