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One way to make Puppetry Meaningful - Warming.

Let's think about 'warmth' in the young childinner warmth, a healthy ‘inflammation’ that weaves us whole.  Children ‘hum’ with harmony at certain times….deep play is one…and they do important transformational work when this happens.  It is like a form of grace.  Human uprightness and the human walk can also be a helper in this balancing of body, soul, and spirit.  This is especially so when the uprightness and walk is presented consciously in our puppetry work.  Our spring poem story is about a walk in nature.  The puppet  is upright and walking with interest and wonder in the world.  A mantle of soul warmth surrounds the children watching because of how the visible puppet greets and meets the world on her walk.  Her feet meet the earth, the limbs are rhythmically active, the character is observant and her heart is engaged.  This too is a ‘hum’.  The puppet’s whole self is visibly engaged in taking in the details on her walk, with props, and colors, and relationships.  The puppeteer’s imagination is warmed; the children’s inner life is warmed.


A Simple Puppet Story Poem for the Merry Month of June

One June day Mary went out for a walk.  The sun shone warm, the sky was blue.  The air was clear and smelled like fresh grass.

When Mary went walking one June day

What did she see along the way?

A sweet white bunny hopping along,

A bird in a nest singing a song,
A garden of flowers that bloom and grow,

A wee little frog on a lily pad flow.

She stops to greet them, one then another.

She laughs and loves them like a good mother.

When Mary goes walking one spring day,

She stops and calls, ‘hello!  Good Day!’

 And when the day was done and the sun turned orange and red in the sky, Mary went home to supper.  What a wonderful day it was.