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'Spring is Coming' An Early Childhood Tale for February

 ‘Spring is Coming’

It was February, the forest was quiet and snow was falling.  Even though it was late in winter there was a foot of snow on the forest ground.  Papa and Lucy walked over the land through the deep snow.  Every now and then a robin would fly near and rest in the branch of a tree.  Shake, shake, shake, robin was trying to get the snow off her feathers.

‘Papa,’ said Lucy, ‘this is a long winter, when will spring come?’

‘Oh Lucy, you are right.  We have had a lot of snow and cold weather this year.  But spring has already started,’ said Papa!  Lucy looked around and said, ‘Oh Papa, are you teasing me?

‘Not at all Lucy, deep in the earth,  bulbs and seeds are weaving their spring gowns and ladybugs and beetles are polishing their spring garments.  Animals are starting to wake up, the bear, the groundhog, even the frogs sleeping with eyes shut tight in the mud of the pond.  They are getting  ready for spring,’ Papa said smiling at Lucy.  

‘Come over here Lucy, I will show you something!’  Papa took Lucy by the hand and led her over to a cluster of bushes.  He pushed back the snow.  Underneath was a most magical sight! Strong green stems and leaves grew there, with white bell shaped flowers hanging on them!

‘Look Lucy,’ said Papa, ‘these are spring’s first flower.  They are called Snow Drops, and they always grow when late winter snow covers the earth.  See, spring has indeed started!’

Lucy knelt down and looked deeply at the flowers.  ‘They are beautiful, but aren’t they cold in the snow,’ she asked?

Papa nodded at her and said, ‘you would think they would be cold, but in early early spring Grandmother Winter knits a blanket of snow to keep the first flowers warm.  These snowdrops look very happy don’t they!’

Lucy smiled and could almost hear the twinkling sounds of their snow drop bells.  They seemed to sing out, ‘Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming.’ Lucy took her Papa’s hand and walked on to see what other spring surprises they would find in the snow.


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