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SPRING! Why Children Love Mama Bird Tales So Much!!!

It is April now, and for many spring is well estabished... In high altitude Colorado towns like mine, lots of snow is expected in April.... in between uncertain weather, little buds are slowly, slowly opening, there may be a crocus or daffodil here and there, but spring green is hard to find.  

Imagine my surprise then when I went walking around my lake and spotted a mama bird with a worm in her mouth flying into a hollow of a tree.  I thought, hmmm, smart bird to build her nest in such a good shelter, for it will surely snow on her eggs!  I stood for a long time watching her, thinking about how much children love mama bird tales.  

Think about it, the Mama spends a long time crafting a nest that will be sturdy and safe, warm, and secure for her babies.  How she flies with patience, discipline, devotion down to the ground, and up to the nest again and again tirelessly, tucking in and weaving, straw and feather, yes, also moss, and grasses. And at my house, she finds some good wool roving usually hanging to dry on my fence after a dye session.  This makes an especially warm wooly soft nest for a wintery spring.

My little grandson watches the ritual with his little binoculars, fascinated with the determination and skill of Mama bird.

This amazing shelter, the nest, houses first eggs, then little wiggly, hungry birds, and Mama's job is to find worms and feed them many many many times.  Dedication, selflessness, a mama the baby birds can count on.  When the babies sleep, Mama is there opening her wings, fluffing her soft feathers sitting in the nest to keep them warm, warm.  

It is about relationship. Children see and feel the deep connection of the highest virtues of the Mama bird; they watch a puppet show of Mama bird and her babies and feel the care like their own Mother's embrace around them.  

We want to bring the quality of protection and care, devotion and love in our puppet shows, enlivening the Mama bird puppet in such a way that it warms the child's inner life. The children become the baby birds being soothed, fed, snuggled under Mama's feathers.  This is why they love stories about Mama birds and babies in Spring - loving relationship!


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