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The April Shower Fairies - by Suzanne Down

Here is a sweet Spring tale of a boy who connects to the nature beings around him.  What child does not 'see' the fairies' in their heart.  And if a child  has lost their way to the magic, this story will help them learn their secrets again.
 The April Shower Fairies

One rainy spring day, the rain fell, pitter patter, pitter patter on the window pane of Sam’s house.  It sounded like the rain was calling to Sam, so he listened very carefully.
              Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter
              Come and Play, Come and Play,
              We Do Love a Rainy Day!
              Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter.
Sam put on his yellow raincoat and red rubber boots, opened his umbrella and went outside.  It smelled so fresh.  ‘I love rain’, called out Sam.  All around the garden tulips were blooming red, yellow, pink, and white.  All of them had their petals open, drinking the sweet rain.
He ran down the hill to the edge of the woods where he followed a pretty path which was dappled by golden crocus flowers.  Each happy blossom stretching up as though to hug the raindrops.  The path led to a soft mossy bank where a stream was dancing merrily along.  Sam heard the rain call to him again.
              Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter,
              Come and Play, Come and Play,
              We Do Love a Rainy Day!
              Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter.
Splashing in the stream were many very little rain children all dressed in cloaks of silver gray.  The waved at Sam and called out, ‘let’s play!!”
Sam put down his open umbrella on the moss by the stream and helped the rain children make bark boats.  Some of the rain children climbed on the boats and sailed on down  the stream, laughing and laughing.  Sam played with the rain children along the stream all morning long.  One little rain child flew up to Sam’s shoulder.  What fun it was for him to
be on the beautiful earth with his friend Sam!  On and on they all played splashing in the water.  It was a wonderful morning.
Then Sam noticed Father Sun was peeking out from behind the clouds.  The rain was turning into a drizzle, and then, oh my, a big beautiful rainbow appeared.  It seemed to be starting right in the stream where they were playing! 
Father Sun called down to the rain children.
                  Come my children, time to fly
                  Come back home to Mother Sky,
                  Rainbow brother will lend a hand,
                  To help you back to your sky land.
One by one the rain children heard the call, said goodbye to Sam, and flew up, up up, the rainbow bridge back to the sky land where they belonged.  They waved and called out, ‘ goodbye Sam, see you next rainy day!’.  They then were gone, back to Mother Sky.
Sam turned to pick up his umbrella and go home.  But what was this?  The little rain child who had been sitting on Sam’s shoulder had flown to hide from Father Sun under Sam’s umbrella!
“Oho,’ said the little fellow, ‘it is so lovely here on the earth, if only I can stay a little longer.’
Sam looked up at the sky.  The rainbow had already disappeared.  Father Sun had not noticed the little rain child hiding in the shade of the umbrella.  Sam put his friend back on his shoulder and said, ‘come along with me, I will show you spring!’
So off went Sam and the rain child along the stream, down the path past the big willow tree and into the magic of the spring woods.  The little rain child could not believe how beautiful it was.  He jumped down from Sam’s shoulder and rolled in the soft moss, and kissed each and every primrose, who seemed to blush a rosy glow.  Everywhere he looked he saw little flowers. 
‘Sam,’ cried out the rain child, ‘the flower buds look like tiny hands in prayer.’  Sam  looked at the opening buds, and sure enough the rain fairy was right!  On they went, delighting in all they saw.  Then the rain child looked up at a tree and whispered, ‘Sam, what is that?’
On the branch of a welcoming tree, two squirrels were scampering along chasing each other.  ‘Time for squirrels to have some fun,’ Sam told rain child. Rain child sighed and said to Sam, ‘earth is so beautiful.  Thank you for sharing it with me.  Now I know how much I love springtime.’
The day was coming to an end.  The sunset colors were streaking across the sky.  Rain child said to Sam, ‘it is time for me to go, I can still catch a sunset beam and fly home to Mother Sky.’
Sam gently lifted is friend up high and rain child opened his arms, and off he rose up and up and up to his sky land.  As he rose higher he called to Sam,  ‘Thank you Sam, I will see you next time it rains!!’
Sam smiled, and could hardly wait for another rainy day. 
Then he went home for supper, singing to himself as he followed the path home.
                  Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter,
                  Come and Play, Come and Play,
                  We Do Love a Rainy Day!
                  Pitter Patter, Pitter, Patter.


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