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The Hidden Value of Finger Puppets for Young Children

I have long been interested in language development and how puppetry can support it in young children.  One way is with the Finger Puppet, as meaningful finger movements stimulate and reinforce the speech center in the brain.  I remember a conversation years ago with a speech pathologist who was taking a finger puppet course from me about this gift of the finger puppet, and I have researched it ever since then. Finger Puppets are also used by  speech pathologists where strokes have impacted people's speech.  The same thing occurs, the warm finger movements strengthens the speech center in the brain. 

This Aha! moment lead  me to value and explore this sweet puppet for it's hidden powers, and I have created many story opportunities to use them with children.  I always have them available for the children to use on their small finger puppet stages too!

A wonderful thing occurs when a child has a finger puppet on their finger.  The Warmth of Imagination flows from their heart and soul, up the arm, through the hand, and the fingers ensoul the puppets!  This is a warming process, and gently helps the integrating of life processes into the hand and fingers in a most magical and delightful way. 

This is very very different from the 'cold' unensouled activity of fingers using a computer/tablet keypad, phone, etc., which leads to a hardening.  Finger Puppets are a good antidote and balancer to this kind of finger use in young children.

Join me in the rejoicing of these small and modest little puppets!!!



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