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The Shoemaker In Story - One of Rudolf Steiner's Insights into the 12 Professions !

Steiner gave us immense wisdom through his indications about the 12 Professions, and we can say that these live in us as Soul Powers to support our deepest understanding on how to live from our Noble Selves in our daily lives.

Here is a tiny peek at how I have used these as seeds for developing my puppet work with the Worker Characters.  I am looking at the Fairy Tale of The Shoemaker and the Elves in this blog, seen through the window of The Shoemaker Archetype.

This seemingly simple and charming Fairy Tale by the brother's Grimm, is a very foundational story for the young child.  We will look at it from the point of view of the 'good worker'.  The Shoemaker is kind, hard working, and respectful.  He models care, interest, and skill in his work.  Our puppet character will show this by the quality of inner sympathy towards his materials, and how his eyes and heart accompany the stitching and hammering and cutting out of the shoes.

At night he is renewed and rewarded by the awakening of his spirit helpers who are the elemental ensoulments of his inner attitude to his profession.  The Elves! For he carries into his earthly work a spiritual understanding that he is preparing shoes to reflect and help guide the upright 'walk' his customers will make in their life journey.  The shoe is the intermediary between the earth and the individuality as they take their journey, their karmic path of life.

We hold inwardly great respect for the true shoemaker's task and in puppetry we ensoul him with the dignity of his high profession.

When children view a puppet show presented with such an intention, they take into themselves the honoring of work, of the wonder of the nature of the very shoes they are wearing as they begin their walk of their own life journey.

A puppet presentation such as The Shoemaker and the Elves visually illustrates the inner qualities of a character through the puppet gestures and how we can enliven the shoemaker with soul qualities true to his profession.  How interesting that his shoes fit so perfectly that his customers pay him double the price!  They recognize that this spirit reinforcement for their true walk in life is priceless!


We can also ask ourselves with what attitude do we, as adults, carry out our daily work?  Are we enthusiastic, truly interested, and skillful in the purposeful work we do with the children witnessing us, and imitating us?  To learn more about the Shoemaker and the other 12 Professions inspired by Steiner's indications, join us for the Holy Night's program  - Women's Writes of Passage - Finding Our Noble Selves.  No writing experience needed, just an open heart!  Click here for details     All Welcome!

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