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Uplift your more Earthy Celebration Days with Story

 Uplifting Celebrations Days

We have an abundance of resources for the BIG Holidays through the year, but what about those days that have special meaning to us, and we want to honor them with the children, creating new mini annual traditions!

Let's call them our more earthy celebration days... that warm our hearts and the children look forward to the simple extra joy of them.  We have a 'First Snow of the Year Day' at our house and how exciting it is to find all our winter clothes and go out and play in the snow!  We uplift it with hot cocoa and a First Snow story, sometimes making the puppets out of snow!  Each year we celebrate it in
largely the same way, tweaking it as children get older.  Last month we celebrated 'Bulb Planting Day'  with a Mother Earth tale where she calls all her little bulb children to come, for it is time to rest in Mother Earth's warm cloak.  The activity of carefully placing a bulb in the ground, and covering it with the earth's cloak is magical after that kind of story.  We save a few to grow in the house too.

Think about what special days excite you, and how you could bring a simple celebration and joy to that day, with a related story as a focus point to elevate it enough to become something so wonderful you will do it again each year.  These become anchors of heart through the year for our children, and fo ourselves.

We have a lot of BIG BIG Ash trees with amazing gold, red, rusty red leaves and SO MANY LEAVES, and when the November winds blow we have a LEAF PILE JUMPING DAY, it is fun and blustery, and energetic. There is lots of running and rosy cheeks and spice tea and ginger muffins.  Here is a poem story we use for a puppet show using the leaves as our puppets, and often the children become the leaves in the exuberance of such a glorious autumn day. I become the North Wind, and it really becomes a good laughing with joy day. The leaves rain down like magic.

The north wind came along one day,
So strong and full of fun.
He called the leaves down from the trees
And said, 'run children run!'
They came in red or yellow dress, in shaded green and brown.
And all that short November day
He chased them round the town!

They ran in crowds, they ran alone,
They hid behind the trees.
The north wind laughed and found them there,
And called, 'no stopping please.'
But when he saw them tired out
And huddled in a heap,
He softly sang,'goodnight my dears,
Now let us go to sleep.'


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