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Valentine Tale for Young Children - Snow Bunny's Valentine Surprise!

Snow Bunny’s Valentine Surprise

Little snow bunny was hop hop hopping in the snow where the woodlands meet the meadow. Not far off in the meadow was the red schoolhouse where all the children of the village were busy with their school work.

This one morning, bunny could hear the children laughing and talking excitedly.  Little snow bunny hopped closer to have a look. He hop hop hopped up to the school and hop hop hopped up the stairs where he could see right inside through a big window.

The children were all making something beautiful. There was lacy white paper,red and pink paper, glue, and scissors.  Little snow bunny could hear the teacher talking about making valentines to give to friends to let them know you care for them.

As snow bunny watched, he saw children folding crisp white paper and cutting out little shapes, and when they opened the paper again it looked magical. Snow bunny had never seen anything so lovely, but they did remind him of something….he just could not remember what!

While he was looking through the window, one little boy looked up and saw him!  ‘Look!   There’s a little bunny watching us,’ he called out!   And all the children jumped out off their chairs and ran to the window.  Snow bunny was so startled that he tumbled backwards and rolled and rolled onto the snowy playground. He quickly scampered into the woods and hid. His heart was beating so fast, he had to be still for along time to calm down.

As he sat there, all he could think about were those beautiful paper valentines, with so many little holes cut out to let the light shine through.

‘Oh how I wish I could make such fine valentines for all my forest friends! ButI am just a little snow bunny. I do not have scissors and paper like children do.’

So he sighed a big sigh, and made a wish…’dear dear Mother Earth, help me find something a little bunny can give to a friend to say, Happy Valentine’s Day.’

By now his little bunny heart was calm, and he hop hop hopped along the trail in the woods, back to the bunny village where all his friends and family also lived safely in their ground houses..

Suddenly, he felt something fall cool and white on his nose! It had begun to snow, and not an ordinary snow, but a big giant flake snow. Snow bunny looked up and all around. Yes! This is what the children’s valentines reminded me of….snow flakes!!! For each one had many little holes in them to let the light through. And each one was more beautiful than the next!

“Thank you Mother Earth,’ snow bunny called out, ‘for sending valentines from the sky!’

Snow bunny called to all his friends and family. ‘Come out, come out, snow valentines’ are falling and wishing us all a Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Hurray!’

And all the bunnies came out of their homes in the ground and looked up. What a beautiful sight it was.


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