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Create a Healing Shelter Tale in Puppetry - A  2- Week Course for Teachers, Parents.  We begin Nov.13.

Create a Healing Shelter Tale in Puppetry - A 2- Week Course for Teachers, Parents. We begin Nov.13.

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Shelter stories in Puppetry have a prop that gives one character, or many, safety, warmth, a welcoming home, even if it is temporary. This is a perfect time of year to share a shelter tale with the children.  Winter is on it's way, a cozy, dry, sturdy place to live while there is ice and snow, is something animals are busy looking for. When the mouse is nestled in his new home the children feel a deep sense of protection in the world and in themselves.  It is just lovely to listen to their breathing as they are watching the puppet show.

Winter is coming, mouse find a strong hollow stump, with a room big enough to have friends over.  You will needle-felt a hollow stump with 3 strong roots, and the mouse too in step by step tutorial videos.  A video of the puppet show will guide you through how to set up and bring ensoulment and joyful engagement.  We will go over tips and techniques to bring the layers of protection in lovely ways through the story.  Your action step will then be to practice the tale to tell the children, and those who send in a video of a practice puppet show can have suggestions of 'next steps' for your puppetry skill-building.

You may work on this shelter story course on your own best timetable, the host platform is easy to use, and the group can post and comment on each other's thoughts, questions, photos, and videos.  I respond to all of your posts in supportive and thoughtful replies.

When you sign up  you will receive an email from Ruzuku, the host platform for the course, the day before we begin.  This will guide you to sign in and begin.  I will send out a material list the beginning of November.  

If you have any questions, do email me,

I do offer payment plans individually email me for info

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