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Do What You Love - The Business of Puppetry -  One-Year Action Program - How to earn a 6-Figure Income -

Do What You Love - The Business of Puppetry - One-Year Action Program - How to earn a 6-Figure Income -

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This course is for those of you who have puppetry experience and love it so much you have wished you could earn your income from puppetry alone!  This one year course is a practical blueprint on doing just that! 

Join us and learn how to create your own flexible-time business foundation and develop a plan of action to build up a puppetry business using the skills in puppetry and storytelling that you have now.  Follow our monthly step by step informative and practical program that will show you how to grow up to 6-figures and beyond!  It does require doing all the exercises and implementing them in a clear business plan of action. 

You have the flexibility to work on this course at your own best schedule within the year format, and you keep unlimited access to all content.  Of course, taking action each month will enable you to reach your goals the best, and a momentum will grow and flourish! In fact, if you do the monthly exercises you will be able to start paying yourselves back for the course fee in a few months.

Here are some highlights to the course we will be delving in deeply with practical steps.

Multiple Profit Centers

Developing a Product Line

Performance Opportunities

Workshops for Adults

Workshops for Children

Foundations of Reliable Income

Marketing and Promotion

Building Your Name and Brand

Working with Tots and Parents

Online and In-Person events

Getting Clients 

Mentoring and Coaching

Interactive Group Sharing and Participation

Creating a Great Business that allows 'flexible-time' 

This is not a program on growing puppetry skills, for that we offer the Year-Long Puppetry Training. This Program is about taking your puppetry skills and step by step developing a business that can grow to 6-figures and beyond.  

This is a perfect course if you are a teacher with puppetry skills,  if you are a children's Librarian with puppetry skills, if you are a puppetry specialist but need direction on building a business, and for teachers who are retiring soon and want to keep working part time to supplement your retirement income, and share something you love with others.

Above all this is for those who long to design a puppetry business that is joyful, meaningful, and lucrative!

I have 45 years experience as a successful puppetry specialist for early childhood, long time founder of Juniper Tree Puppets and Juniper Tree School of Puppetry Arts. I am a very experienced adult trainer, leading not only with wisdom and insight, but teaching with warmth and respect.  I am excited to help you all grow what you love doing into a rewarding wonder-filled business!