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Summer 2020 Professional Development Courses Online

Summer 2020 Professional Development Courses Online

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Here is a  listing of our 2020 Summer Professional Development Courses which are Online!  Enjoy looking them over!

To learn details, cost, and sign up for individual courses please do that on the course pages. 


Our Calendar of Summer Professional Development Courses
In-person and Online


June 19,20, 21.  Enlivening Your Storytelling Voice -  three tips to Transform your storytelling - weekend course.  Click Here for details
June 26 -  Walkabout Tales - Writing Tales for Children Inspired by Nature A 10 day course.   Click here for details

June 27 - Puppet Tales for Tots - How to Develop Your Own Surprisingly Profitable Parent/Tot Business.  Click Here for details


 June 28 - The Art, Delight, and Meaning of Finger Puppet Theater - A 4-Week Course.   Click here for details  

July 23 - Protection Stories - Writing Stories for Young Children Supporting the Sense of Well Being.  A 10 day course. Click here for details

July 25 - The Art and Joy of Lap Puppetry and the 'Instant Stage', a 4 week course.    Click here for details

August 8 - The Art of Puppet Presentation of the 12 Professions - A Series -  The Shoemaker Archetype - A weekend course    Click here for details


August 14,15,16 - Enlivening Your Storytelling Voice, 3 Tips to Transform your Storytelling - A Weekend Workshop Challenge.    Click here for Details


 Puppet Boot Camp 2020 is ONLINE  This Summer!

Puppet Boot Camp 2020. ONLINE
Therapeutic Puppetry Toolbox Series
The Art, Wisdom, and Meaning of Nursery Rhyme Story in Puppetry/Supporting Speech Development
July 17 - Aug. 21        payment plans available