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The Art of the Puppet Basket!  Inspiration for Story Magic Flowing Out of a Basket!! An Online Course.

The Art of the Puppet Basket! Inspiration for Story Magic Flowing Out of a Basket!! An Online Course.

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There is magic in the air when you bring out your Puppet Basket!  The Puppet Story tumbles out of the basket, with your skill and care, leaving the children in delight over the unfolding story on your lap stage.  You will learn about the Instant Stage too!

This online course will walk you step by step into how to build up your story stage and begin to tell your wonderful tale, all flowing out of your basket.  The art of putting it all back into the basket safe, sound, and loved is included too! 

There are a bunch of videos of different ways to use a basket from mini baskets and small puppets, to bigger picnic baskets for marionettes to showcase their wonderful stories.

For all you outdoor kindergarten folks, nothing is easier than a puppet show all tucked up and ready for a walk to a beautiful setting to then be revealed! 

This is a very do-able way of bringing story magic to children and accessible to everyone, from beginner puppet storyteller, all the way to those with experience too who want a simpler way to bring puppetry.  It is wonderful for inside stories and for outside stories!

The course is not a live zoom type course, you can work on it at your best timetable.

Welcome all to the Joy and Art of the Puppet Basket!


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Our Annual Online Summer Puppet Boot Camp - The Art of the Puppet Story Apron, including multicolor silk dyeing tutorials.  This is our popular popular Boot Camp, a 6 week intensive skill building training program. Beginning July 9, 2022 - numbers limited - we recommend early registration. Click Here for Details