8 Week Online Course - Start your own Surprisingly Profitable 'Puppet Tales' Parent/Tot Programs -  Course is Starting Jan. 12, 2019   - New Year, New Directions!

8 Week Online Course - Start your own Surprisingly Profitable 'Puppet Tales' Parent/Tot Programs - Course is Starting Jan. 12, 2019 - New Year, New Directions!

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Over the many years growing and developing Juniper Tree Puppets as my livelihood, I have created many 'profit centers' under it's umbrella.  I have been dedicated to offering joyful programs that also bring the social, artistic, child developmental, and therapeutic pieces together.

One of the most popular, meaningful, appreciated, and profitable classes I have offered has been a sweet and simple Parent/Tot series for an adult with a baby in arms up to 3 yrs, called 'Puppet Tales for Tots'.  It has been offered in different time frames, but basically it is a circle of parents and littles with you as their puppetry guide enjoying puppet tales together.

All in all the puppet tales class is an hour - hour and a half a week of purposeful fun for child and parent!

You can do this too!  Part time or more full time, supplement your income or be your full income.

Join us for a step by step Online Course on how to create a 'Puppet Tales for Tots'  Business of your own.  

It will walk you through:

1. How to create a detailed outline of your program.

2. Basic Marketing Ideas that are free!

3. Locations ideas, inside and outside

4. How to decide what to charge in your area.

5. Seasonal Story Resources

6. Tips on presentation of puppet shows and leading the 'play with  puppets'    times.

7. Beginnings and Endings, Welcomes and Goodbyes

8. Setting up your space for a successful class.

9.. Resources for puppets and other materials you will need.

9. Basic skills needed to run a program.

10. Special days, i.e. Halloween, Valentine's, Birthdays.

11. Option - Designing a parent evening of puppet making and storytelling skill-building.

12. Access to join a private FB group  Puppet Tales - Birth - 3 Parent/Tot Program for more inspiration and problem solving for group leaders and parents. 

We are developing an 8 week course to guide you on how to start a Parent/Tot Puppet Tales Business in your area.

It will start January 12, 2019.  Lessons will come once a week, giving you time to work on them before the next one comes. The course is planned to  have you up and running with your own profitable business in no time!  Course Cost is $350.  Payment Plans Available.  

Once you sign up  you will have lifetime access, you can take the course one step at a time in your own time your own pace. 

There will be step by step practical, do-able assignments to help you achieve your goal of creating your puppet business.  I will be checking in on you all during the 8 weeks, cheerleading you on, and giving you thoughts, ideas, and answering questions.  

In the end you will be able to start your own delightful part time or full time profitable business bringing joy to children and parents!

Have some questions?  email me at suzannedown@gmail.com

Numbers will be limited per course, so why wait?!  

Best Wishes for your New Directions!

Suzanne Down