Juniper Tree Puppets Events and Course Calendar

Welcome to our Course Calendar. This is where you can find the schedule of courses coming up for the next year or so. You can view all the full course descriptions on our Course Details and sign up page, as well as sign-up and pay securely online to book your space in the courses. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email

Online Course: The Protection Story. A 10-Day Writing Challenge Course
April 21-30,  2018 - Online
Children today benefit from healing stories that create a picture of a good world, one where all is well.  The Protection story builds story layers of peace and safety, friendship and warm heart.  The 10 day writing challenge will walk you through step by step exercises on how to write a therapeutic story for young children. Click here to read more and sign up

The Annual Multi-Color Silk Dye Day
Sat. May 26, 9am-3pm,  2018 - Boulder, CO
Join us for the Annual Silk Dye day for creating gorgeous multicolored play silks, and puppet silks for staging and puppet making.  This is a yummy workshop immersing in the magic that happens with the over-dye method of blending colors. Click here to read more and sign up

Online Course: Walkabout Tales. A 10 Day Writing challenge creating stories for children.
June 16-25,  2018 - Online
This course is an introductory program on the art of writing for children inspired by nature. It is a peek at our ‘Year of Writing’ training , also based on walking, observing, and writing in nature settings. In this 10-day challenge you will be guided through a wonderful process of contemplative nature walking in a quiet open way, noticing what speaks to you, and allowing those experiences to spark your story. Click here to read more and sign up

The Annual 5-Day Puppet Boot Camp Early Childhood Puppetry Intensive
June 27 to July 1,  2018 - Boulder, CO
This puppetry immersion course is about how to create meaningful, therapeutic, and magical puppetry for children 2-9 years. It is invaluable for teachers of kindergarten, early grades, preschool, childcare, after care, home programs, children's librarians, therapists, speech pathologists, parents, homeschooling parents, and all who love young children. Click here to read more and sign up

Our Professional Puppetry Training Course. New Series Begins Summer 2018
July 13-22,  2018 - Boulder CO
This course welcomes those ready to work inwardly and outwardly with joy, enthusiasm, and will. There is a full year commitment. The process of unfolding the artistic and therapeutic ability is a time process and requires practicing the skills during the months in between our training sessions. Monthly email assignments and mentoring will support and guide you with your puppet practice and projects through the year. When participants do this, the steps forward in depth of skill and healing quality is profound. Click here to read more and sign up