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The ONLINE 'Year of Writing Program - Writing Stories for Children -  Dates TBA
The ONLINE 'Year of Writing Program - Writing Stories for Children -  Dates TBA
The ONLINE 'Year of Writing Program - Writing Stories for Children -  Dates TBA
The ONLINE 'Year of Writing Program - Writing Stories for Children -  Dates TBA
The ONLINE 'Year of Writing Program - Writing Stories for Children -  Dates TBA

The ONLINE 'Year of Writing Program - Writing Stories for Children - Dates TBA

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'A Year of Writing' Writing for Children Program   

 Welcome! Introducing an upcoming  ONLINE program, dates TBA, on the art of writing for children  In this NEW course, you will receive wonderful guided lessons on writing for young children each month for one year, and be guided through a wonderful process of writing a variety of story themes for children.  My writing is for early childhood, but these methods apply to story writing for older children too.

I am excited about this new direction of a Year of Writing!  In the past it was focused on  Walkabout Tales and writing inspired by nature.  Now we will still include intro and a deepening to Walkabout Tales writing, but we will also explore and introduce:

Seasonal Stories - Engaging children in finding their place in the consistent  rhythm of the year through stories.

Celebration Stories - creating stories that honor the celebration days within the year.  Lifting children's experience of special days with story.

Nursery Rhyme Stories - exploring the gifts of rhyme and rhythmic verse, and building that up to be a prose story.  Discussing the gifts of the different types of language for young children.

Transformation Stories - Tales which help a character reach a more noble place. Through the images of the story line, supporting children in their own journeys.

Worker Tales - Honoring the importance of meaningful, purposeful work in the world, raising it to its most beautiful cosmic gestures through writing inspired by Steiner's 12 Professions.

The Protection Story - creating stories that make children feel safe in the world, and supporting their sense of well being, and feeling secure in knowing that their world is good.

The Art of the Poem Story - These are enchanting as all children love learning language and are tickled with the rhythm and rhyme and repetition of poetry in story form.

There will also be a StoryTelling and Voice Work component. We include explorations of Pocket Stories, Outdoor Storytelling,  Business of Writing and Getting Published, and more  The lesson's assignments will feel like a creative  retreat, a renewal...Do join us! Cost for the year will be $1200, Payment plans available.

This is an ONLINE Program for all friends near and far.

Each month I will bring new content and step by step writing exercises, then we write.  We share our work with each other, and there will be lots of cheerleading, comments, ideas, support, insight.  You will learn so much from each other  as well. A beautiful and supportive community will develop to carry you onward beyond the year together.

The course will also look at ways to edit, and share your work, getting published, how to establish yourself as a writer on social media and in your community.  By the end of the year you will have at least 15-24 stories and can be well on your way to developing a part time income stream from your work.

This will be a small group, so do sign up soon if interested.  Please email me, for further information or if you have additional questions.

Payment Plans are available to spread your cost over the year. Discuss your options with Suzanne.

This will be the 10th Year of Writing Program, and the first ONLINE YEAR.

It is a wonderful creative renewal for all who take it.  it is joyful, uplifting, and quite a few past students have published their work, some have illustrated it too!!!!

There is flexibility in when you do your writing work.  There is no fixed time to watch a live video, they will all be pre-recorded so you can work at your own best schedule.  You will have the course lifelong to refer back to again and again. The course is $1450. for the year.

 Contact for all questions about payment plans.

Best wishes, Suzanne Down, Founder Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts

Participants will receive an email invite to join the course a few days before we begin from Ruzuku, our host platform.  I am very excited to be offering this online year of creativity!