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Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy - Mama Bird and Baby in a Nest
Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy - Mama Bird and Baby in a Nest

Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy - Mama Bird and Baby in a Nest

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Here is a course made to support all  of you with simple beautiful puppetry for the children you love! 

You will get a step by step easy to do video tutorial of how to make mama bird and baby finger puppet out of sewn felt, and how to needle-felt a hollow nest to put your hand in that is holding the baby bird.  Especially how to needle-felt it the right size for ease of use.  

There will be a video presentation of the mama bird story for you to get ideas from, or base your own presentation from it as is.  Accompanying the video will be easy 'how-to tips' to make your own puppet presentation successful, artistic, and sweet as can be. This little story has the element of a safe shelter in it, and is the easiest Protection Story puppet show to do!  At this time in the world this little show will make the children feel goodness in the world.  This is an added bonus to this course!

This series of 'puppetry made easy' courses for puppetry will build up your skills in simple, joyful steps, so it will not be overwhelming to offer puppet shows through the year. Take one, take them all, they will be available when you need them!  Work on them at your best times, I am always available to answer questions. My courses are yours to keep.

The course is hosted by Ruzuku, an easy to use online platform that comes to your inbox. There are places for community posting, sharing of photos and thoughts, videos of your puppet show if you would like my support and mentoring for your next steps.... All with the flexibility of working at your own pace.

contact me with any questions.  xox 

Materials Needed - You will need a square of felt, (wool felt, wool/rayon blend, or any kind of felt) Any bird color you like, red, blue, brown, etc.  and a small bit of felt for the beaks of mama and one baby bird.  needle and thread.   for the nest you will need nest colored regular width wool roving, browns or grey, length from elbow to fingertips - Very Optional - curly wool, natural brown or grey... a general purpose felting needle size 38, and a foam work base - pillow foams are fine at least 2" thick.

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