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Women's Writes of Passage  -  Finding Your Noble Selves --  December 24, 2023 -  January 6,  2024- An Online Course for the Holy Nights Inspired by Steiner's 12 Professions and the Soul Powers They Represent.

Women's Writes of Passage - Finding Your Noble Selves -- December 24, 2023 - January 6, 2024- An Online Course for the Holy Nights Inspired by Steiner's 12 Professions and the Soul Powers They Represent.

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Deep winter times  are when we can go most inward, and when the veils to the spiritual world are most transparent and open to reverent human endeavor.   Each of the 12 Holy Nights you will receive content for contemplation and writing exercises to help you unfold awakenings of soul from your own lives.  The wish, hope, and goal will be to find your noble strengths to carry you forward into the New Year as  spirit resolutions.  We will be looking at Rudolf Steiner's indications of 'The Twelve Professions' and the Soul Powers they represent, as inspiration for our inner explorations through writing.

We will begin with an introduction to our theme and the process on December 24th, then each of the Holy Nights, December 25 through January 5th we will go through these 12 Powers, with writing guides and meaningful exercises.  You may work at these lessons at your own time during these Power Days and Nights.  They are meant to help connect you to your best honorable selves and to the invitation to spirit these special times allow.  January 6th, Epiphany, we will close with our last writing together.  

Dates for the course - December 24 2023 - January 6 2024

Expect to spend 15-20 minutes each day, more if you wish to go deeper.

All writing skills welcome, this is for you!

Sharing your writing and loving exchanges are encouraged but private writing is also welcome.  Again, this course is for you!


Here are a few Testimonials from participants in the Holy Nights Course:

'This course has been a renewal for me. I am so grateful for your insight, guidance, and encouragement, Suzanne. I also feel so blessed to have gained from the sharings of others. Thank you thank you. I am so inspired. Even playing Patty Cake with my youngest child took on new meaning for me as the image of the transformative powers of the baker emerged! How lucky am I to now be able to evoke these deeper connections when singing a nursery rhyme or telling a tale!'  J  


 'Collaboration, nurturing relationships, creating joy together!  This feeds my spirit so that I can hold others in loving kindness.  Filling space with potential, aerated humus, to sprout seeds of ideas, give momentum to initiatives, bring to fruition projects based upon ideals.  The dynamic of replenishment, awareness of needed growth, and reinforcement of foundational structure are all of a package that we depend on and cannot overlook.  What I am pursuing includes caring for my vessel in deep, sustaining ways.' -   C


'This was a gift that I must have dreamed of, having the Christmas days/nights enriched with this community and the thoughtful prompts, passages, and pictures. 
Thank you so much for this exquisite forum.  I look forward to the next series!'  -F


'a huge thank you for holding us all so well through these Holy Nights. You amaze me! And everything was so well presented and your comments beautiful and soft and so encouraging. Love to you!
I feel like these Holy Nights with the 12 Professions will go on giving blessings of things to come. I will do more with them. Pay attention. I will continue exploring these Noble deeds! (I too love that word Noble.)
I thank you again! ' - J

' I'm grateful I was able to participate.  I very much appreciated the guidance, wisdom and encouragement you offered in your comments, and I found the writing prompts to be most helpful. I am inspired by your suggestion to work on a profession a month.  It will offer the time to penetrate and deepen my knowledge and understanding of each one.  Blessings'. - B


'needless to say, I am utterly joyful that I completed the course' - P


'Thank you for this unique content to ponder.  It is powerful, and I am grateful for the practical and heart-stirring steps I have been inspired to aspire toward in this  year.  Today, Epiphany, I already started applying some of the will activity I agreed with myself to do.' - L


'I have truly enjoyed this course and am so glad to have been able to participate over these 12 holy nights.  The imagery is powerful.  The free flow journaling helpful.  The sharing and insights from other participants empowering.  I look forward to participate in future courses.' - S


'This was such an incredible experience. I found the daily writing a big help to keep me centered during these Holy Nights. Your suggestion yesterday about taking a "profession" a month over the coming year really resonated as well. Thank you -thank you for sharing this!
Love to you all'. - M


'I appreciate the deeper, refined and differentiating quality of your offerings through the passage of time. I can learn and grow with you.
I love this forum of online courses as it connects us across the globe to share our thoughts, ideas and responses in a temporary community.' - G


'Thank you for this beautiful journey, Suzanne. I so appreciated having a quiet space of reflection that was so beautifully guided into the wisdom of the twelve professions.  This was a door of wisdom and inspiration I so appreciated that you opened for me.' - CC


'I so appreciated everything about the course!  It was revealing, humbling - and a challenging journey through and through.  So grateful I am to have taken the step forward into these Holy Nights to observe - actively in this way...' SP


'I think the course was so very interesting. I am so in awe of your commitment to supporting and commenting on the entries. I found the content and format to be very helpful for looking at the professions ,at myself and for the year ahead. In the future, I would be interested to join again.' - T

 'Such a wonderful experience, I got *so* much out of this program! The pace was good, the platform easy to manage, the professions so rich and inspiring, with lots of room to take them where I liked/needed to. This was A LOT of material to bring together for us, very impressed!!  I hope you offer *it* again next year/every year (along with your exciting new ideas!) - I could imagine working with these as old friends during the same season again and again.  So amazing to be so "accompanied" and held by a whole community, all doing good 'work' and striving/exploring - Holy Nights is usually a very private and solo activity for me - this was so nice! Thank you thank you for this magical and profound offering, Suzanne, and best to everyone for 2021!  :)    :)  - CI