Welcome to Juniper Tree Puppets

Juniper Tree Puppets has been a long time center for puppetry and storytelling arts. We are interested in the art and archetype, the magic and meaning, the wisdom and healing of story and ensouled puppetry.

     NEW!!   Walkabout Tales 10-Day Writing Challenge Online Course

                                         begins January 27, 2018  (Class is open to a few more people)

                                        April Course is Open for Registration                                                                                                       please contact suzannedown@gmail.com for details


Upcoming Summer Events  2018-19

 If you would like to learn more about these events, please contact me at:    suzannedown@gmail.com


Certificate Training in Puppetry and Story Arts   

Contact suzannedown@gmail.com  to find out about the Trainings.

  • We offer a serious training program which meets for 2 weeks, 2 consecutive summers (4 week total)  focusing on 3 key areas:
  • Pedagogical puppetry with an early childhood focus
  • Practical insights and therapeutic aspects of puppetry
  • Artistic presentation through silk marionette theater and fairy tales
  • 10 months of Email Group Mentoring and practical projects in between the summers.
  • Next Series of the One Year Professional Puppetry Training  (22nd group) will begin JULY 2018 in Boulder, Colorado

  • The Annual Practical and Delightful 5 DAY Puppet Boot Camp will be offered and enjoyed JUNE 27-July 1, 2018 In Boulder, CO

  • August 2019 – Final 4 Day Writing Gathering for ‘A Year of Writing’ Walkabout Tales 2017/2018 in Boulder, CO
  • A New Program for ‘A Year of Writing’ – Walkabout Tales – writing children’s stories inspired by nature BEGINS Summer 2019 in Boulder Colorado -Rocky Mountain story inspirations!  – a year long writing course – we meet for 4 days summer 2019 to inspire the year to come, and meet 4 days summer 2020 to celebrate our writing and write more!  Mentoring and Writing Assignments through the year.