Welcome to Juniper Tree Puppets

Juniper Tree Puppets has been a long time center for puppetry and storytelling arts.
We are interested in the art and archetype, the magic and meaning, the wisdom and healing of story and ensouled puppetry.

Upcoming Events  2014 [Now Booking 2015]

 If you would like to learn more about these events, please contact me at:     suzanne@junipertreepuppets.com

  • 2o14 EVENTS ( booking now for 2015)

  • Keene NH – April 22-26 – Part 2 of Puppetry Training – Therapeutic focus (Full)
  • Milwaukee WI – May 8,9,10 – The Art of the  Rod Puppet
  • Alaska Regional 5 day course – June 9-13 2014 – The Art and Meaning of Early Childhood Puppetry
  • June 28-July 10 NEW!! West Coast Puppetry Training Part 1- Taking Applications

  • July 24 – August 5 – Keene NH – Puppetry Training Part 3 Marionette/Fairy Tale Focus (Full)
  • Autumn Events 2014

  • Asheville, NC  Sept.20-27  -  Lifeways Training – Puppetry and Language Development
  • Oregon  Regional Workshop Oct 25, 26 – Therapeutic Puppetry Tools of the Trade – TBA
  • Portland, OR  October28,29,30  - Lifeways Training – Puppetry and Language Development
  • Fair Oaks, CA  -  Nov. 7,8,9 – Western States ECE Conference – Vendor Market, Workshop



 I am now booking events for2015. Contact me to sign up.

Certificate Training in Puppetry and Story Arts

The School: The Certificate Training and the Summer Institute are ongoing each year.  Contact suzanne@junipertreepuppets.com to find out about the Trainings.

  • We offer a serious one-year  3-session part-time training program focusing on 3 key areas:
  • Pedagogical puppetry with an early childhood focus
  • Practical insights and therapeutic aspects of puppetry
  • Artistic presentation through silk marionette theater and fairy tales
  • Our 19th Certificate Training Course begins Summer 2014 in California
  • Our Summer Institute offers ECE Professional Development Intensives each summer
  • Therapeutic Puppetry Tools of the Trade Workshops

Book Now I am now booking Training Programs for 2015. Contact me to sign up.