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Welcome to Juniper Tree Puppets book page dedicated to supporting your love of puppetry and children. We offer resource books to help you develop your puppet and story work with children. The stories are child tested over many years of puppet shows and story times.

Puppet Resource Books for Sale
Around the World with Finger Puppet Animals
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Around the World with Finger Puppet Animals - This is our bestselling book, and a perfect puppet starter resource. I like to support the art of the finger puppet for its delight as well as its profound support of language development in young children. You will gain many skills to enjoy with your classroom or children at home.
This resource book is full of unique animal finger puppet patterns, poems to act out for each animal, and creative presentation ideas for bringing it all to life. It also includes how-tos on finger puppet theater, staging, the art of lap puppet theater, gesture, puppetry with and for children, and much more. Use finger puppets with children! This is a must have resource book for teachers, therapists, parents, children's librarians, anyone who works with children 2-12.

Puppet Resource Books for Sale
Autumn Tales Autumn Tales
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Autumn is my favorite time of year! This is a much loved resource book for educators and parents of children 3-7 years old, rich with autumn poems and stories that are adapted for telling to young children and using with puppetry. I hear from teachers around the world how much the children love these stories! There are unique tales of Pipper's wild plum pie adventures, the story of a very brave Witchamaroo the pocket witch, journeys of the apple elves, celebrations with Mother Earth, the mysterious helpers on a harvest moon magic night, and much more are among the seasonal selection to enjoy with children. Awakening a love for the seasons and nature through story is a gift for our children. Included is one page of seasonal finger puppet patterns, easy and quick to make to help you tell autumn tales.

Puppet Resource Books for Sale
Spring Tales The Spring tales collection
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Everyone is happy to see spring return after a long winter. Here is a collection of unique seasonal poems and beloved stories that celebrate spring with children 3-7 years old. One of my favorites is about a girl who loves willows, which is wonderful to act out with puppets. Enjoy the tales of a lonely mouse and a spring violet, find out what happens to a shining star that longs to live on earth, discover who sleeps in the tulip cradles, find out who wakes up little brown bulb, enjoy a jolly leprechaun tale, for what is spring without a leprechaun! There are many more poems and stories to delight any young child. This is a very useful spring resource for teachers and parents to use in classroom and home. I love to help create wonder about the seasons and nature through story. Included is a page of seasonal finger puppets to enjoy.

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