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Celebrate The Creative - My Outdoor Felting Kitchen

A beautiful sunny spring afternoon to felt outside in my 'felting kitchen'. The birds are curious, right above me is a nest.  Lilac buds are swelling. A squirrel runs along the fence to see what I am doing.  I love this long season of wet felting outside.  

I collect the colors of wool I need and smile at the pile of soft hues.  I always think they look like a wooly cake when they pile up layer by layer.  Then the water magically shrinks it all! I love the alchemy of colors merging with wet felt.  My hands glide over the soapy wet wool.  A rhythm occurs, my heart beats joyfully.  I am working on a bunch of orders for my spring story apron, which is my favorite instant puppet theater!  I love knowing these will go out around the world to enchant the children.
Interested in the final product?