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One World Puppetry - a first look at Cultural Diversity in Puppetry

Diversity is a very hot topic in today's early childhood circles.  Here is a first look at one way to bring puppetry into children's lives that will expand their social connections to embrace diverse peoples.  Our social life is healthy when our own inner life embraces the whole community, and each person is strengthened through our actions.  

I have long been committed to developing One World Puppetry, honoring the wise stories of many cultures.  We are united through the wisdom and archetype of the 'human being', which is always alive in the wise tales of the world.  This starts with all that we share as humans - uprightness, the human walk, gestures of awe, wonder, love, generosity, kindness, relating to another, joy and sadness.... etc.   We are also unique, wondrous, and beautiful because of our differences, in terms of culture, traditions, language, our surroundings, our history, our skin color, our hair, our music, our traditional costumes, celebrations/festivals, religions, etc.

I chose to bring World puppet tales that were full of insight as well as delight, and use puppets carefully crafted to honor the culture. Below are a few photo examples.  I also chose to find songs from that culture, so they represented the musical intervals and even instruments of that same culture.  I found the music helped me find  the right movement and gesture and overall 'tone' of the puppet show.  This is a first foundation of how I began and continue to work with the question of Diversity in puppetry.  To honor what unites us and to respect all that makes us distinct.  

When we bring the visual puppet character and story from different nations, each child is inwardly acknowledging that spirit, connecting to the people of that culture, building in the nicest possible kind of way a pathway to becoming inclusive. This is one safe, honoring way to begin building future citizens open to World Cultures.


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