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Online Summer 2024 ECE Professional Development Programs From Juniper Tree Puppets - NEW!!!! Puppet Boot Camp 2024 - The Art of Silk Marionette Theater!! Early bird Pricing Now Through April 15 2024

Every summer we offer unique, practical, artistic and in-depth online trainings in the puppetry arts
This summer we are highlighting a NEW Puppet Boot Camp program on Marionettes, as well as 3 other shorter courses that inspire!

Begins July 7 2024

NEW!!!!!  The Art of Silk Marionette Theater -  will include the art of making a marionette that will be graceful and capable of beautiful and meaningful movement and gesture.  We will then spend time on how to bring our marionettes to life through guided practice in whole body basic movements, such as standing, sitting, lying down, walking, running, skipping , dancing, etc.  We will also explore the finer movements of hands and arms doing all kinds of practical actions and activities. One key to ensouling these ethereal puppets is to discover how to make visual the Soul gestures which we will add to the marionette's enlivening. We will look at creating marionette staging for ease of marionette movements, and creating meaningful landscapes for our stories.
We finish with everyone presenting a simple scene story or story with their marionette via video on our easy to use Online Course Platform
I guide you through each step and support you in 'next steps' all the way!!!!

community sharing of questions, discussions, photos, and videos available and encouraged!!!  A module of lessons come to your inbox once a week for 6 weeks.You may work at your best times during each week.

Click Here for more details on this New Puppet Boot Camp

Early Bird Pricing begins Now through April 15.  Save $100.!!!!

no discount code needed... this rate good until April 15.


 We are also offering some of our favorite programs not usually offered in the summer when Teachers have more time!  Enjoy Browsing below!

Early Bird Pricing also applies to these from Now through April 15


1. Our Annual and popular Art of Lap Puppetry course - Excellent for Beginners and those more experienced who are looking to simplify but keep the meaning and magic of puppetry!      Begins June 30 2024

 Click Here for Details    Early Bird Pricing - Save $30  Cost $99 from $129.

Discount Code at checkout -  lap puppets


2. The Art of Finger Puppet Theater - Excellent for Beginners and experienced folks looking to simplify but keep the magic and meaning.   Begins June 29 2024

 Click Here for Details       Early Bird Pricing - Save $30 from $149. to $119.

Discount Code at checkout -  finger puppet



 1.Introduction to the Amazing Rod Puppet -  My favorite. puppet - I call it the Heart Puppet because it opens our hearts with it's fine gesturing and kindness.  Children love this puppet the most, they love to hug it and talk to it.... It invites connection.    Begins July 14 2024

Click Here for Details      Early Bird pricing - Save $30. from $149 to $119

Discount Code at checkout -   rod puppet



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