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Our Early Childhood Puppet Story Apron Theater - Felt and Silk - a Pocket Full of Wonder!

After trying out different kinds of pocket story aprons for puppet telling, I decided the best one for early childhood use was one that would provide a story landscape to move puppets on, and one primary pocket to hold the surprise of a puppet or two that would be part of the story landscape.  One pocket, One story.  Deeply satisfying for the younger child.

This one pocket story apron has a wet felted 'landscape' picture on the bib. This is also where the pocket lives, felted into the story world.  Imagine the joyous surprise when a little mouse, bunny, or pixie puppet, hidden in the felted pocket, peeks out and is revealed. Imagine 'Wonder' tumbling out of a soft wet-felted pocket onto a story landscape world you wear as a very special apron!

This is a story apron I sit to use, providing a lap stage of beautiful colors.... an autumn ground of gold, red, orange leaves, a spring or summer garden rich with greens and delicate flower colors...a winter world not just white, but palest pinks and blues, a hint of winter sunrise on a snowy field.  Your lap becomes the stage where the puppets tell their tale.  

When I use mine, it comes gracefully out of a basket, and I hold it up for a moment for the children to see the richness of texture and color.  When I put it on, I become more upright, the storyteller Queen.  Children are ready, with sweet anticipation, to see what comes next.  This magical story apron becomes the theater space, intimately connected to you, the teller of the tale.  It can be used for song stories, poem stories, full tales... A child sized story world, your own heart space shining over it all.  


If this tugs at your heart, join us for our Online Summer Puppet Boot Camp 2022, where we will delve deeply into The Art of the Puppet Story Apron Theater, concentrating on creating this kind of apron, and lots of guides for how to use it to offer a most wonder-filled story! Be guided step by step on how to make your own story apron, and how to use this dear theater to bring deep breathing and wonder to the children.   
A Bonus Course comes with this boot camp on silk dyeing with our multicolor/over-dyeing method to get those dreamy blends of seasonal colors.  Click Here for details, you will be so glad you did!
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