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Puppet Story Aprons With a Theme To It! Part 2 on story aprons

Today I am going to share about puppet story aprons that have a theme.  Unlike the traditional story aprons that have many pockets filled with things that remind us of a story, a themed apron focuses on one particular thing.  It could be a holiday, such as a Halloween apron with visual images that bring to mind Halloween, a seasonal orientation, such a Winter mood, with snowy mountains and sledders, snowmen, or even more concentrated, with an Advent Apron, with pockets for each day of advent, holding something very dear and together building the story of anticipation toward Christmas. The magic of what you can bring with a themed story apron is delightfully endless, for any kind of occasion...birthdays, valentines, Easter, Arbor Day, or nature-inspired such as a night sky and lullabye apron, forest, or ocean... I get excited thinking about the joy these kinds of visual special day stories will bring all children!

I was gifted a most amazing themed story apron by my good friend and puppeteer Karen Viani. It is a full length linen apron with a garden theme full of pockets.  Here, below, is a photo of it.  You can see each flower, beehive, pumpkin, birdhouse, leaf, star is a pocket for holding a puppet.  Well suited for simple marionettes that can all join in to the telling of one story, or their own individual tales united in the garden theme.  I spread a silk on the ground for their stage.  This became my special puppet story apron theater to use for public shows at Botanic Gardens, where it is a big hit, and loved by young and old.


Allow your imaginations to dream of a special occasion story apron with puppet pockets that have a story to tell.  Sketch it out, dream on what stories, songs, poems you could tell with what puppets! I immediately thought of a  summer full moon fairy garden, fairy puppets dancing in a fairy circle... full of flower pockets where the fairies live... What imagination first came to your mind and heart?   email me with your dream visions, ideas, sketches.  Now you are ready to make it!



coming this July is our Annual Summer Puppet Boot Camp - a 6 week online immersion, this year on The Puppet Story Apron - my favorite kind to use with young children... along with that is a bonus course on silk dyeing multicolor/over-dye puppet silks which we will use for this apron's skirt.  join us!  no experience needed.. I walk you through step by step!  Click Here for Details   Part 3 of this blog series on Puppet Story Aprons will look at this kind of apron well suited for early childhood.


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