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The Element of Surprise in Puppetry

I love to bring the element of surprise in my puppetry, whether it is a hidden character on the stage under a silk, waiting for the perfect moment to be revealed, or hidden in the puppet story apron pocket, ready to peek out, or fly out, or hop out and delight the children.  Not only is this simply wonderful for the children, but it also keeps children's interest in the ongoing story.

It could be an autumn pixie, that peeks out from behind a  pumpkin, or a worm that pops out of an apple to say hello... Honestly the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.  Children LOVE surprise in story, as much as they love playing hide and seek!  It is akin to finding a treasure!

In this field of wheat on the felted top of a story apron, little mouse pops up looking for something good to ear... what a dear little house he found amongst the wheat grasses! What was hidden is now seen, and loved.....

 Apron pockets are felted into the top landscape for the purpose of joy... hidden inside can be a puppet waiting to bring surprise to the story, a waking bear from his cave in spring, a crocus bulb growing in a garden, a snowman being built by children welcoming winter.  The story aprons can be as varied as can be, so nice for seasonal storytelling with the added delight of puppets.  Below are puck and pat, two little happy pixies ready to dance into a spring meadow.

Here is a friendly gnome, living in the forest, who wakes up one morning from his sleep in the branches of a tree, looks out his window and sniff sniff, smells Autumn in the air.... One moment it is just a forest scene, the next a dear friend gnome appears, surprising the children in the kindest, most heart warming way.

Pockets can be felted in different places on the landscape... up in a night sky a blue pocket can hide a moon that appears in the sky shining wonder to the story world below.  A rainbow pocket can reveal little rain children sliding down, down to explore the earth.... A sun pocket, likewise, can be the home of a sun beam baby who looks out wondering if all those dandelions are his cousins, an ocean wave pocket is the perfect place for a little fish to leap out to catch a glimpse of a shooting star....  

So my friends, brush off your imaginations, find some pockets, or create some hiding places under the silks on your staging and bring more wonder to the children with some story surprises!


Of course I want you all to make your own Puppet Story Apron, you have no idea how much you will love using it, and how the children will thank you for sharing it with them!  Our Spring Puppet Story Apron Boot Camp begins April 20!  click here for all the wonderful details.


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