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The First Step in starting a Puppetry Side Business!

 With all the inevitable changes in the world ahead, wouldn't it be nice to find a way to recession proof our incomes?  What if we could start a side business, or even a full time puppetry business!  Whatever the reason you were drawn to this theme, we can start forming our possibilities for a puppetry side business right now, with skills we already have!

One great method of self-brainstorming is 'mapping', as shown in the sketches here.  This is where each of you can assess what you can do, and what you love to do, and build from that to create an income producing business.  

this 'first' mapping brainstorm is from Daniella B,

When I was starting out, I read a book that set my course.  It was about 'multiple profit centers', which means you have a main business Umbrella,  and under it you can have several parts to it.  So for me at that time, Puppetry was my Umbrella, and under it were performances, puppet making kits, workshops, story writing / books.  I want you to play with your skills, and what you are good at, come up with an over all Umbrella, and dream into the broad areas that might go under it as profit centers...  This will be the foundation we begin with to give roots to our business.

here are some other past students brainstorm mapping - this might give you some ideas to kick-start your first step - What are your skills and What do you love doing!

brainstorm by Michelle

brainstorm by Kristin

brainstorm by Marjorie

What if a side business could bring in $1,000 a month!  Think of what you could do with that extra money coming in.  What could a Full Time puppetry business income be?  Fun to  think about it isn't it!  Do your First Step in mapping your skills and what you love now!!!


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