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3 Year Long In-Depth Trainings Coming This Fall 2022 - So Excited About Them!!

     Enrollment is now open for a New Group 2022-2023 Year   
    Year-Long Online In-Depth Puppetry Training Program Begins Sept. 18
                                            Click Here for Details                                                     


The Business of Puppetry - A One Year Online Program - Earn 6 Figures Doing What You Love
Puppetry Experience Required.  This is not a course teaching puppetry skills, it is about the incredible Business of Puppetry Opportunities you can develop!!

I am so excited to be developing this course for you, I have 40 years experience to share!!!  Click Here to Learn More

You can easily and quickly earn the course fee simply by doing the lessons!   Begins Sept. 24



'A Year of Writing' Children's Stories - Now Online
The Art and Craft of Writing Meaningful and Delightful Stories for Children. 
Begins October 15

Treat Yourself to Golden Time to write in a guided way, with rich content for why we are writing different types of stories worthy for the children we love.  Includes the Business of Writing - Click Here for Details of Content